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About Standing Tall Music

Prior to music, I was a competitive American figure skater; performing in Europe, as a solo skater in ice shows and then coaching in various countries, meanwhile  raising two sons. 

While attending a Figure Skating Coach Seminar near Toronto, a young man was performing in the Hotel Bar. For some reason I told him I was a booking agent in Switzerland. A few months later to my surprise he asked me to find him a gig in Europe, my stepping into music was quite by accident. Hanging up my skating boots, dramatically changed my days from cold ice rinks to “night life” of music.

Another musician deplaned in Zurich in the 90’s his name was James T. Slater. I spent Eight years learning the music industry ropes working with James during his European years. His first big European collaboration was with the Belgian multi Gold & Platinum artist  Dani Klein the driving force of the band Vaya Con Dios. James  co-wrote the hit song “Don’t Break My Heart”.  He was signed to BMG Records in Switzerland.

We spent a few years traveling to Nashville learning the scene. Finally, around 2002 James decided to make Nashville his home,  and began pursuing a songwriter career. James T. Slater is now a two time Grammy nominated, established song-writer in Nashville. 

Following James, I spent five years managing the European successful retro Rock&Roll Band, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion. Later I stepped out of the industry spending many months a year in America caring for my 90 year "young" parents and my own injured son Lenart in Europe.



My father a product of the American dream, a cattleman, used a quote that sticks with me “ Service is the rent we pay for the space we occupy in this world”.

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