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Smoke Signals from Machiavellian Europe


While traveling the world, I caught up with one of “ours” of insight, potent beyond his years. His name is Jaron Annick Reid. A serenade kind of folk singer-songwriter. Jaron’s “ live performance” of witticism, crazed earthy intensity, erupt in pure… you, my songs and me. This half-breed from the wide-open space-ness of Alberta Canadian raised on a horse ranch, now with his boots in mountainous Europe, is a must see/must hear. Having a few albums, under his belt from early days, Jaron feels life’s calluses have handed him the real grit elevating the “25 song Double Album” his  “authentic debut songs and music”. Vocals, Mixing and Mastering spiritually cared for in the famous Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, California, known for a number of albums from Tom Waits. The double album songs are still  being tweaked. The release date is not written in ink just yet, by Standing Tall Music.


 Jaron Annick Reid loves to wallow in the dark spaces of the soul, that said, the new work has a collection of fun, insightful earthy high-spirited tunes. “ I want to hear him again and again. He moves me to numbness and ecstasy simultaneously” a recent admirer wrote. Modest insight invades your senses and tears of jerking impassioned renditions go to the bone like hot chicken soup. Living this side of the Atlantic seems to forge Jaron into waters transcending his forefather’s Eastern European vibrations. Yet the germinating laments of adversity clasp like a fire ablaze on his Canadian First Nation prairie heritage senses. Picture a soul under a rock creeping toward the light. The lyrics entangling gentle insidious candor of a gifted story teller arresting his audience around a fire yet entrancing each admire as though it was Just you and just him with light of the moon.



Jaron’s provocative voice penetrates your heart with its sly foxy smoothness metamorphosing, hits a crescendo of nearing the cry of a wolf alone. Alone. Yet the raw steps on the ladder tell it all. Some of the songs edge a little in the dark Machiavellian world of murky sorrow. Jaron then picks you up on wings soaring on the embryonic clouds before we hit the dirt momentary low down then speeding again in volcanic joy.                             Raw High Spirited Empathy



Cuz love’n all things pure, as he does, Jaron creates a soft/hard, hands-on way with a naked attitude as he treats that keyboard and guitar like if they be a sizzling woman.



One has to wonder if those flat prairies of that vast big sky country and the open space will someday pull him home to his First Nation roots. The roots of the mould and the “now man”. Invade your time so take a journey with the fanciful quixotic folk, singer songwriter winging on blending… Folk Pop, Bluesy and his own political nuance from “Black Crow Cloud” to “Crick Crack Crickity Crack” to “Fading Away” to “Brocken Down” piercing in ”A Very Dangerous Moustache” to “Ol’Uncle Louis” …

”A Henry Miller Romance”


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